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Winching across South Africa

South Africa
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What about to fly over parched pans, salt lakes, look into the desert of Namibia, and to the mountains of Lesotho, fly along the Orange River, glow at the edge of the Kalahari desert and chase the wild winds ... These desires joined several pilots, who are just trying to fly across South Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean. (---corrected machine translation---)

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Short News

  • New tandem world record

    On monday 6.8.2007, slovenian pilot Tomaž Eržen and Tanja Kompan (copilot), set new WR in discipline out-and-return with tandem.They lanched from Lajnar near Sorica, flew to Mt.Piobada in Italy and flew back to starting point of Lajnar. Flight took them 8h and 20 min and was 160 km long.

  • Record week in Finland

    The last 6 days saw a number of extraordinary long flights in Finland. On Friday 11 May Kari "Karlos" Rämö flew a personal best of 155 km. But the superb day was 17. 5. 2007 and top-pilots Jouni and Ari arranged to be ready for early towing at Oripää airfield. Word just came in that Jouni did over 200 km and Ari Salström an incredible 303 km. Here  is the story from the flight. Congratulations!

  • World record of Valic brothers cancelled by FAI

    FAI cancelled attempt of Valic brothers for their new world record from South Africa, 7. 12. 2006. After measurement they flew free distance 423,5 km which is only about 100 meters more than previous record of Will Gadd. According FAI rules it is necessary to outperform the previous record minimally for 1km. Records for declared goal from the same day of 368,9 km were ratified.

  • PGweb and XContest downtime

    Caused of problems our serverhousing provider, the PGweb server was inaccesible today for almost 2 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by downtime. We are taking appropriate steps to prevent such a failure in the future. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Paragliding Czech Open 2007 again in Italy

    After decision of czech sporting committee paragliding Czech Open 2007 will be held again in Pieve D´Alpago, Italy. The term is 7 - 13. July, 2007. More informations including registration will be available soon at the homepage of the comp.

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Nové přelety v ČPP

Nové přelety ve World XC

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Paragliding Czech Open 2007

Pieve d´Alpago, Italy
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The paragliding Czech Open started on Saturday 7.7. 2007, immediately after Sky XCamp at Pieve d'Alpago. The competition is 6 days long and many top pilots, both Czech and international, are taking part.


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Sky XCamp 2007

Pieve d\'Alpago
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The first year of XCamp, held before the Czech Open, has started at Saturday. It is a light competittion, with every participant choosing his/hers own time of launch and route. After landing, the route bringing the most points is chosen in an automatic optimization of each flight. In total more than 68 pilots will compete for many prizes from own sponsors and the main prize, a new glider by Sky Paraglidiers - any solo type of the winners choice.


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Sky XCamp 2007 - light competition meeting!

Pieve Di Alpago, Italy
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NEWS:  there are still some places in SKY XCAMP contest! Please contact us at and we arrange your registration. We launched the website for flight claim and ranking of XCAMP 2007. You can find at at XContest server -

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Incredible collision in Bassano

Bassano, Italy
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Incredible accident happened on 29. 4. 2997 at Monte Grappa (Italy). Two polish pilots had a mid air collision at about 1000 mt altitude, one pilot, after trowing her reserve, landed safely on a field. The situation for the second pilot was a bit more serious.

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Red Bull X-Alps 2007: Official team selection

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After much deliberation, the selection committee for the Red Bull X-Alps 2007 has chosen 24 teams to take part in one of the world’s most spectacular adventure races.

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